Chulha is a Bangalore based tiffin-service provider with a single motto in mind: Delivering Mouthwatering & Healthy Food to people in need of the same. Just like any dream, Chulha also started small as a simple localized dabbawala providing cooked food in steel containers to a small part of Bangalore. We have now started increasing scope to cover areas across Bangalore

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Welcome to Chulha

A Tiffin service provider, catering to individuals, Paying Guests and offices around the city of Bangalore, Chulha, provides home cooked North Indian food to several homesick people who have had to relocate to Bangalore for work and live away from their families.onstraints of the office goers and the students in this city, Chulha attempts to make life a little easier for them by providing delicious nutritious meals at reasonable prices.

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Why Chulha?

* Because People cannot live without food
* Because eating everyday in a Restaurant is not feasible solution
* We prepare Home style food,so if you are missing your mummy, come to us
* Order Monthly,weekly or for a single meal
* Unbeatable price

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Our Menu

*Veg Tiffin
*Veg Mini Tiffin
*Non Veg Tiffin
*Non Veg Mini Tiffin

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